A New Circumscription of Tadehagi and a New Genus Akschindlium (Leguminosae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:H. Ohashi
Journal:Journal of Japanese Botany
Start Page:269

The genus Tadehagi founded by the author in 1973 is revised. It is divided into two genera: Tadehagi with a new circumscription and a new genus Akschindlium H.Ohashi based on Tadehagi godefroyanum (Kuntze) H.Ohashi. Pollen features of three species representing the genera Tadehagi, Akschindlium and Droogmansia are provided. The newly circumscribed Tadehagi is divided into two subgenera: Tadehagi and Kerria. A key to these genera and subgenera is provided. Tadehagi comprises six species: T. alatum (DC.) H.Ohashi, T. auriculatum (DC.) H.Ohashi, T. andamanicum (Balakr. & N.G.Nair) S.P.Mathew, T. robustum Pedley, T. rodgeri (Schindl.) H.Ohashi and T. triquetrum (L.) H.Ohashi. Tadehagi triquetrum varies in the leaf shape and loment hairiness especially in the Lesser Sunda Islands, New Guinea and the Philippines. The species is newly circumscribed as including subsp. pseudotriquetrum (DC.) H.Ohashi and a hybrid between subsp. pseudotriquetrum (DC.) H.Ohashi and subsp. triquetrum, nothosubsp. philippinensis H.Ohashi. The hybrid includes a variety, var. palawanensis H.Ohashi. Tadehagi triquetrum subsp. triquetrum is newly recorded in Taiwan. A key to these species, subspecies and hybrids is also provided. (78: 269-294)

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